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Hint of Tropics

Original hand painted 60″x 60″ tablecloth with tropical greens found in south Florida, shown with “sample” napkins which have a full color palette to set with any color way!  This is one of a kind and I have just 12 of the napkins with old logo…ah history!

Hint of Tropics
Hint of Tropics

Tropical-detail Hint of the Tropics!

#RethunkJunk #CityAntiques #RecenteredPieces Workshops

Lori painting tiger stripesOur second Painting workshop of 2015 is coming up soon at City Antiques- join us for some productive fun…maybe get that special project finished in time for Spring  decorating!Let me know if you are interested by filling out the brief form below


Collaborating with Canadian Co to debut my work in Toronto! Working on more artwork & engineered stuff for rental market… #rentalsculpture #art #eventrentals #lorislinensEaster-Eggs-damask-waterfor roses-on-damask Wildflowers-on-Twill-Linen

Animal pattern napkin set- SOLD!!!

These were prototypes for a collection developed after Henry Bendel’s buyers bought my Leopard pattern napkin in 1990- proving once again- everything old is new again! I love the way we had the tail of the zebra added to the one napkin and how it is revealed when opened on a lap…a fun surprise.IMG_1995 IMG_1999 animal-napkin-table-setting