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Beautiful photos of Cox Event at Ritz Reynolds Plantation

small-HartmanCox-w-red small-box-HartmanCox-pinkba small-box-HartmanCox-evenin small-box-HartmanCox-day-jp rebar-HArtmanCox-wood-table Rebar-HartmanCox-evening Lunch-HartmanCox-smalls hub-for-HartmanCox boxes-HartmanCox Bobbins-HartmanCox

Hey Planners! How about this?

Fun little incentive gift- two fat-free tarts in a pastry box We can package with YOUR client’s logo inside the box – actually kitchen towels of 100% linen! Only $12IMG_2268

Easter is right around the corner…great hostess gifts await you!!!



Made of beautiful linen from the Czech Republic and Lithuania…limited supplies but so special! I also can put this artwork on YOUR FAMILY LINENS!!

Kicking into high gear- last minute events are my favorites

These little boxes are filled with mosses, lichen and river stones…needed 26 for an upcoming event this weekend- fortunately we have the talent and tools…now onto the 14 dinner pieces! Just got the go-ahead yesterday- this gives us a chance to shine.

Organic and sustainable whatcha think?


#sustainableart #sculpture #recenteredpieces #minimal art centerpieces
#sustainableart #sculpture #recenteredpieces #minimal art centerpieces