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Steampunk Allie- work in progress

Just one of the elements we are creating for the Allie Awards in Atlanta….closing in on delivery date and loving the details!

Exciting sculpture building workshop coming Monday to Marriott Marquis DC

The little aluminum bases are drying from prep work
The little aluminum bases are drying from prep work

Snowmaggeden yields lots of new paintings

Housebound 4 days... painting painting painting
Housebound 4 days… painting painting painting

Creating a Fabulous event space in less than four days!

We have hung the black/white backdrops and built the bar and stage…now moving out all the consignment furniture that is usually on display-
Should there be no rain our outside patio is also wonderful- this was the Drake House fundraiser last month!
…and another angle of the patio- this area accommodated 300 and I haven’t even talked about the main building! 16,000sf of the most wonderful stuff you can imagine and terrific dealers to boot!

Beautiful photos of Cox Event at Ritz Reynolds Plantation

small-HartmanCox-w-red small-box-HartmanCox-pinkba small-box-HartmanCox-evenin small-box-HartmanCox-day-jp rebar-HArtmanCox-wood-table Rebar-HartmanCox-evening Lunch-HartmanCox-smalls hub-for-HartmanCox boxes-HartmanCox Bobbins-HartmanCox