The foundation of this organization is good design created by talented artists/designers in various media who create art using repurposed materials and commercial building debris. As our studio grows, we are extending our reach to other cities and towns who have a commitment to sustainable art or who desire to begin similar efforts. We will facilitate the building of a studio there which can take on the unique challenges of that area and create beautiful artwork that inspires and educates. We hope Recentered Pieces serves as a model for other arts groups throughout the US.

For those who are seeking LEED certification for commercial buildings, we can help document all aspects of salvage and implementation of construction debris for LEED ID credit. Contact us when in the planning stages of your project and we will develop the most expeditious strategy possible. For more information about LEED: U.S. Green Building Council

The Team
Lori Sturgess – Lead Designer/ Founder of Recentered Pieces, llc Roswell,GA
Since 2009,  Lori has been exploring new techniques of color application to a variety of salvaged items in addition to more familiar mural and canvas painting.    She has participated in multiple shows of sculptures made entirely of recycled and salvaged materials and has been commissioned for work in Atlanta, GA, Washington DC, Savannah, GA, New York, NY and Naples, FL.   Recentered Pieces, llc is the newest addition to Lori’s portfolio of work-she is the owner and lead designer working with a number of artists of different disciplines to create sculptures for events and inspiration.  She fully embraces the idea of commercial artwork being used to demonstrate sustainability and hopes the works will spearhead green initiatives in communities around the country.

Robert Kauffman– Architectural Designer/Woodworker Recentered Pieces, Atlanta
Robert Kauffman has been passionate about fine homebuilding since graduating from The University of Oregon School of Architecture over 30 years ago. In the course of his wide-ranging career, he has designed and built hundreds of homes and other structures — as well asfurniture, custom cabinets and unusual fixtures. From building passive solar homes in the late 70s to authoring a recent edition of the Homeowner’s Design Workbook, he continues to assist his clients to find the most inventive solution to their needs — while securing optimal value. He currently offers architectural design services through KauffmanDesign in Atlanta. You may view his work at www.kauffmandesign.com.

Kasey Keown– Photographer/Designer Recentered Pieces, Atlanta
Kasey Keown grew up in the small town of Newnan, GA.  She has always been very passionate about self expression, and photography is her favorite outlet.  She tends to draw upon the quirky intimacies of everyday life and the surreal manipulation of space and form.  A recent graduate from SCAD with a BFA in Photography, she greatly looks forward to continuing her photography career while also expanding into the sculptural realm.  Kasey is currently working with Recentered Pieces  to help merge the gap between art and sustainability.

Justin Cave was born to landscape. He has been getting down and “dirty” since the age of 14 where his beginnings found him dragging 200’ hoses to thirsty beds of annuals. He continued to work his love of lawn care between college classes where his passion and tenacity launched a professional landscape career. Justin’s talents opened doors to him which included two of Atlanta’s top landscaping and design firms, managing large-scale projects and learning the tricks of the trade on more complex challenges. His ability to stand up and meet those challenges eventually put him in the spotlight as a host of HGTV’s Ground Breakers. Cave’s connection to the environment and natural world, culminated through years in the landscaping industry, have carried over into sustainability practices. His environmental works include Pennington Seed, EcoSmart, and the Watersmart Campaign. His enthusiasm as a spokesperson, extensive knowledge, and his gift to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary will be a very welcome addition to ReCENTERed Piece’s vision and creative process.